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Right decisions and upright decision makers shape the world. The Buckstopper is the platform where the real buck stops. Be it minister, bureaucrat, top cop, political leader, banker, business leader, technocrat and who’s who of the world, this media platform will highlight all the good, the bad and the ugly aspects. The portal focuses on policies, governance, social and cultural changes. It will dissect each and every news and development which has the potential to affect public at large. Here, we are committed to serve incisive opinions and fresh perspectives. The Buckstopper will initiate dialogues, conduct brainstorming sessions and hold enlightening conferences on governance matters for getting refined extracts. It will deworm the contradictory gut and enable flow of fresh ideas and initiatives that can lead the country to become a global leader. At this media platform, we are aiming to become voice of bureaucracy, inspiring startups, promising businesses, polity and will be on a continuous look out to unearth fortune changing facts through a crew of inspired and informed editors, reporters, analysts and designers.

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The Buckstopper is an online neutral platform for decision makers. Be it minister, bureaucrat, top cop, political leader, banker, business leader, education icon technocrat and who’s who of the world. It promises to bring in fair, non-hyphenated and probing journalism with extensive ground reporting, sharp opinion and in-depth analysis. We will also provide a platform for retired bureaucrat, decision makers and ‘ buckstoppers ’ to reminisce their achievements and initiatives which mattered to society. For an impartial take, The Buckstopper needs its capable and enlightened readers to support and pay for the journalism you value.

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Ram Kumar Kaushik

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