Kangkana Goswami Bharadwaz

Kangkana Goswami Bharadwaz is a regular columnist, currently serving as a faculty of law in National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam, also engaged as a research scholar in the field of law and juridical science and has many research papers to her credit in national and International journals, currently serving also as a media panellist of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Assam Pradesh

UCC on the cards as Assam scraps age-old Muslim Registration Law

While the Assam Government is also working on another legal milestone to ban polygamy in the State and make it a criminal offence, the opposition took no time to criticize the government’s decision calling such moves 'communal' and targeted towards a particular community.

Niti for Nyaya: Visioning ‘Uniform Civil Code’ as a political peg for social reformation

The Modi government’s peg for the ‘Uniform Civil Code’ is one major attempt to contain the aberrations from the basic ethos of Constitutionalism.