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District magistrate caught on camera offering his official chair to a ‘Godman’, video viral

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Yet another district magistrate of South West Delhi Lakshya Singhal caught in after a video went viral in which he is seen welcoming a priest and allowing the priest looking elderly man to sit on his official chair of district magistrate.

The authenticity of the video is yet to be verified but the Delhi government is said to have taken cognisance of the video. A senior officer has questioned the gesture shown by Singhal in his office to a ‘Godman'.

A couple of days back, IAS Hemant Kumar was suspended over awarding astronomically high in a land acquisition case while serving as district magistrate of South West Delhi.

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What does Lakshya Singhal say

According to reports, a senior officer of Delhi government has asked Lakshya Singhal about his unconventional hospitality.

Singhal, a 2019 batch, -Goa-Mizoram and Union Territory () cadre, defended his actions, explaining that the priest held a special place in his life, akin to a grandfather figure, which led him to extend this gesture of respect and hospitality.

As per reports, the government has not taken any actions against the officer as such.

“The maximum punishment for this action if at all could be a verbal warning. However, young bureaucrats should differentiate their conduct between professional and personal sphere. Being at key position, their conduct is continuously under watch.

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