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Gujarat DG Police advises IAS, IPS to have verified blue tick social media accounts


The DGP has issued an advisory for IAS, IPS officers and officials regarding social media privacy and security. The advisory stated that IAS and police officers should obtain a blue verified tick or badge against their social media handles that will prevent cases of impersonation on social media.

In , popular social media site X formerly twitter charges Rs 6,800 annually for a verified account for individuals.

“Currently, there are many fake accounts of senior officers and influential people being operated on social media. They take undue advantage and in many cases siphon money impersonating as official. Having a verified account is one of the ways we can prevent such cases,” said an official.

The DG also advised officers to keep their profiles or accounts locked to prevent data download. He stated that accounts should be accessible only to friends and not be open for public viewing.
As per the advisory, officers have been asked to verify profiles before accepting friend or follower requests. Apart from that officers should have strong account password, change it frequently and activate the two-factor authentication mode. They are not to open their profiles or accounts on unsecure networks and not click on unknown links, the advisory further said.

Sections 65 to 77 of the IT Act cover offenses related to cyber fraud, identity theft, and impersonation. These provisions aim to prevent fraudulent activities conducted online and provide legal recourse to the victims.

According to media reports, over the last 18 months, approximately 19,000 social media accounts, including those of IAS, IPS officers, senior government officials, prominent doctors, and , have fallen victim to impersonation attempts.

Last month only, Gujarat police has restricted its officers and subordinate staff from putting up posts on social media while in their uniform. The order stated that policemen should refrain from creating or sharing reels or photographs in police uniform even if they are not on duty. Such posts hampered the image of the police force, it further . The order was issued after several cases were brought to his notice.

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