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Home ministry warns delay in promotion and increments for IPS not completing midcareer and induction training programmes

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, which manages the cadre of officials, has warned officers against not completing the mandatory training courses critical for their advancement. The ministry is extremely concerned about the low attendance in courses particularly Mid- Training Programmes (MCTPs) and Induction Training Courses (ITCs), which are required for advancement.

The ministry has sent a memorandum to all states and union territories sharing its concern. It wrote that the promotion and increments of officers may be delayed if they don't complete the mandatory MCTPs and ITCs.

“Failure to comply may result in these officers being barred from advancing to higher grades or getting raises. Officers in their ninth, sixteenth, and twenty-sixth years of service may experience delays in promotions or increments if they do not attend the required phases of MCTPs/ITCs,” the ministry wrote.

According to recent reports, the MHA is considering stronger steps if this trend continues. the ministry has noted that around 785 eligible IPS officers have not yet completed their mandatory MCTP-III, a situation that contradicts the Gol Rules and . Similarly, 529 and 292 qualified IPS officers, respectively, have failed to finish their mandated MCTP-IV and MCTP-V training.

The MHA has warned state governments about the potential consequences of officers skipping these training seminars in a serious communication.

The letter from the MHA emphasizes the importance of following Rule 3 (2) (iv) of the IPS (Pay) Rules and Rule 5 (4) of the IPS (Probation) Rules, 1954, which state that IPS personnel must successfully complete prescribed training programs (MCTPs/ITCs) within specified service duration.

According to reports, the year-long training cycle has been disrupted due to continually poor attendance. Some courses have even received single-digit applications, demonstrating the seriousness of the problem. Surprisingly, even strong instructions from Prime Minister Office and Home Ministry have failed to increase attendance rate.

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