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Just one more day of anxiety and one sleepless night…

No more speculations from tomorrow. Till now everyone is acting as psephologist coming up with results as per his convenience and logic.

Political parties are claiming their victories. is there, is there and then independents and other parties are there. All are winning on their own logic. Then there are various exit polls declaring winners. There is satta bazaar also having own research, own results and then own earnings.

Satta Bazaar still betting on BJP win despite some adverse results projected in exit polls.

Bureaucrats, officials and businessmen too have gone deep down in crunching data and poll trends. Their fortune in five years will completely depend on the outcome of this election.

Then there are contestants who are braving the nervousness, wearing smiles, distributing sweets visitors much before the results, visiting temples and discussing the probable poll matrix. There are a few who gulp drinks or two every five year on the eve of poll results.

“I suffered heart attack few years back. I wasn't nervous at that time. But on eve of every poll result day, I get so nervous that I have to take one or two peg just to calm my nerves,” said a senior Congress leader who has been MLA multiple times.

Few so called journos and political workers, who were busy discussing poll, admiring candidates, condemning parties and feasting on the probable poll outcome, will now go jobless. Their lives will change and they will have to again wait for five years to get their hey days.

Ramkumar Kaushik
Ramkumar Kaushikhttps://www.thebuckstopper.com/
Ram Kumar Kaushik is a seasoned journalist with over 25 years of experience across mediums. The architect of this news website, he is also a consultant with several media groups. He was formerly the group managing editor of ITV Network (NewsX, India News and The Sunday Guardian) and its digital products.
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