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Pedha brings nostalgic sweetness for IAS Manisha Patankar

Manisha Patankar Mhaiskar, a 1992-batch IAS officer gets nostalgic. She remembers having pedha when the Babri masjid was demolished in 1992

It's not only general public which is showing their joy over the consecration of Ram mandir. Senior bureaucrats and officers are also expressing their happiness over social media.

Manisha Patankar Mhaiskar, a 1992-batch IAS officer of Maharashtra cadre, who is currently serving as additional chief public works department, got nostalgic and expressed her feelings on a long post on Facebook. 
She looks so happy that she also posted a photograph in Facebook where she is seen feeding sweets to her husband Milind Mhaiskar, a 1991 batch Administrative Service officer as well as Indian Institute of Technology Bombay alumnus. 

Mhaiskar was then undergoing training at the IAS academy in Mussoorie where she and her colleagues celebrated the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992.”Life comes a full circle and'¦ How!!! 6th December 1992 was a very cold day in Mussoorie. 1992 Batch of IAS were at their Foundation Course. News was slowly trickling in of the seminal at the Ram Janmabhoomi at Ayodhya. A very spontaneous meeting had got organised but very discreetly, by invitation only,” she wrote.

“My staunch Nagpur roots were considered good enough for an invitation. At the meeting venue some probationers were chanting Jai Shri Ram'¦ I remember eating one full Kesar pedha and at that moment on the very cold night of 6th December 1992, I knew that the happenings at Ayodhya were the beginning of something very positive, very powerful, very auspicious,” she added.

Manisha Patankar said the news of their celebration, however, got leaked and participants were issued notices.

“The 1992 batch was termed disappointing, comprising mainly of easily excitable small towners. Whatever had happened to the posh, smart, privileged kids of the Lutyens and such like? Whatever is happening to Secularism? they said,” Patankar-Mhaiskar further said in the social media post.

She said life continued “with all its vicissitudes” but the “belief held firm” that the events of December 6, 1992 were the beginning of “something powerful, something positive, something auspicious”.

The IAS official ended the post by saying she had eaten a ‘kesari pedha' (sweet usually distributed during auspicious occasions) on the eve of the idol consecration ceremony of the in Ayodhya and remembered the “seminal 6th December moment” and the positive and auspicious feeling it had invoked.

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