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Punjab Police busts cross-border drug smuggling ring 

Punjab Police busted a major trans-border ring of narcotics smugglers. They have seized drugs in high quantity and broke down backbone of smugglers

Polices busted a trans-border narcotic smuggling networks from Pakistan in a big scale operation. 

The latest success involves the apprehension of a trafficker  Simranjeet Singh, resident of Gagar Mal village, Amritsar, with a seizure of two kilograms of Methamphetamine, commonly known as Ice. Punjab Police has been cracking down smugglers and gangsters to weed out crime and criminals from the state. The Bhagwant Mann has promised a peaceful and crime free Punjab.

DGP Gaurav Yadav took to social to announce the breakthrough, emphasizing the intelligence-led operation that utilized drones to transport drugs from Pakistan. The arrest of Simranjeet Singh was accompanied by the confiscation of a Chinese Pistol, a magazine, and five live cartridges. An FIR under the NDPS Act has been registered, with ongoing investigations to establish backward and forward linkages.

The surprising aspect of this narcotics haul is that Methamphetamine, commonly known as Ice, typically comes in commercial quantities of 50 grams, unlike heroin, which is commercialised in 250-gram quantities. This suggests a high potency, possibly produced in a laboratory.

The accused Simranjeet Singh will be presented in local court for police custody, facilitating further questioning to unveil additional details. Investigations have uncovered previous instances of drug deliveries via drones, implicating traffickers, including Pathan and Aamir, known for transporting drug consignments using drones.

Further scrutiny into the landing site indicated coordination efforts to determine the destination and pickup of drug shipments. The recipient of the seized narcotics, the intended destination (whether within Amritsar or beyond), and the subsequent receiver will be revealed through the ongoing investigation. The involvement of Ice, a potent drug, adds complexity to the case, hinting at potential external handlers. As the investigation continues, more revelations may come to light, shedding further insight into the intricate web of cross-border drug .

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