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Srijata Dey, BITS Pilani professor, duped of ₹7.67 core in cyber crime

Srijata Dey, an assistant professor in BITS Pilani was duped of ₹7.67 crore by fraudsters who posed as ED, CBI and police officials


In a shocking case of cyber fraud, Srijata Dey, a professor from BITS Pilani has been duped of ₹ 7.67 crore in four months. 

Dey, an assistant professor of Physics in BITS Pilani has lodged an FIR in the cyber cell of Jhunjhunu alleging cyber crime against three fraudsters who posed as ED, CBI and Mumbai officials to threaten her and extort ₹7.67 crore. She said that she had to take loan of ₹80 lakh from three banks to meet demand of fraudsters .

Srijata Dey threatened in the name of money laundering  

Srijata Dey, 57, informed police that she had received a call in the morning of October 29, 2023.

The caller told her that he was calling from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and they have received a complaint related to cyber crime for this (Srijata's mobile) number.

The caller warned Srijata that her number will be blocked in an hour and her adhar number is linked with other mobile number. 

“Your number was used to send illegal advertisement and messages of exploitation. Mumbai Police will take action against you. They will call you shortly,” the caller had threatened Srijata. 

Soon after Srijata received a call from a number for four times. 

Srijata got scared. After few days, she revived more calls from a number where the person posed as sub inspector Sandeep Rao of Mumbai Police. 

He told her that Mumbai Crime branch has received complaint against her and he needed to do a Skype call with her. 

Srijata told the person that she doesn't have Skype app on her mobile. But those fraudsters threatens her and made her download the app and send her the meeting link. 

They threatened Srijata of dire consequences after the investigation. They linked Srijata with money laundering case of former Jet Airways chairman Naresh Goyal who is serving sentence for money laundering and was on bail due to ill of her wife.

They (fraudsters) told her that ₹20 lakh was illegally changed hands from her identity and they have the transaction receipt to prove it. 

Later the fraudsters told Srijata Dey that the police has issued arrest warrant against her. They told her that they (fraudsters) have  found an ATM card of Canara Bank in her name. 

Srijata denied having an account with Canara Bank. Then they threatened Srijata Dey to arrest her and freeze all the and assets.

Later those fraudsters as part of the plot, offered her help and introduced her with fake CBI officer Akash Kulhari. The person imposing as sub inspector Sandeep Rao then mad she speak with Akash Kulhari on Skype.

Kulhari told her that the case is related with ED and it will reach Supreme Court.  

Kulhari told her whatever money and fund she has in banks will have to be sent for digital verification to prove her innocence.  

Transferred ₹7.67 crore in 42 transactions

Srijata Dey got scared. She withdrew ₹7.67 crore through 42 transactions from her bank accounts and deposited in various accounts as shared by them. Ten ordeal took place between October 29, 2023 to January 31,2024. While the transcations, Srijata was told to give self report of transactions daily and briefed them about her daily activity- where does she go, whom she meets and what does she do in an interval of two hours. 

They threatened Srijata that if she doesn't give self report and transfer money, they will arrest her. 

Matter of National Security

Srijata said that she was told that the matter is related or national security and she can't disclose about it to anyone. 

“They told me that the matter will be resolved in Supreme Court. She will get all her money back in her bank accounts after the digital verification,” Srijata said. 

She said that she received a message on February 2, 2024 that the matter is going to be resolved on February 12, 2024 and she will get all her money back. 

“I didn't hear anything from them till February 15, 2024. I got scared and went into deep . I was not able to contact them over phone or Skype,” she said. 

 When she was not able to contact any of them and lost the money she share this incident with her colleagues, who took her to the police station and lodged the complaint. 

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