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Truckers strike called off after assurance from govt 

Truckers called off strike after assurance from the government. The union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla assured truckers for further deliberations

The government and transporters have agreed to call off the strike by truckers and private bus operators. The All India Transport Association and the Union appeal to truck drivers and transport workers to resume their immediately. Truck and bus drivers have been protesting across India for two days against the provisions in the new hit-and-run law passed by the parliament. It is resulting in traffic jams and strikes affecting general public transport. The truckers' strike has thrown life out of gear.

After giving a serious hearing to the transport associations, Union says, “We discussed with representatives from the All India Motor Transport Congress. The government wants to clarify that the new rule has not been implemented yet. We all agree that, before implementing Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita 106/2, we will discuss it with representatives from the All India Motor Transport Congress, and only then will we make a decision.”

The MHA spokesperson mentioned that truckers' representatives stated that the new laws haven't been implemented yet. If they have concerns, the government will consider them with an open heart.

Addressing the truck drivers, leaders from the All India Transport Congress said that the government has put the stringent provisions of a 10-year jail term and a Rs 7 lakh penalty in Hit-and-Run in abeyance.

“We have conveyed your concerns to the government. The law has not been put into force yet, and I assure you that we will not let this law come into force. We appeal to you to go back to your vehicles and start driving without any fears,” says Bal Malkit Singh of the All India Transport Congress.

Why the new Hit-and-Run Law is stricter

Hit and Run refers to instances where a driver flees the accident scene with the vehicle involved. The new law aims to address cases where the driver, instead of aiding the injured, escapes with the vehicle. Previously, Hit-and-Run cases incurred bail for the driver with a maximum punishment of two years. In the new law, the specific rule on such road accident cases says that if the driver flees from the spot after a road accident without informing the about the collision, he will have to face 10 years in jail and a fine of Rs 7 lakh.

The new rules apply also to private vehicle owners. Protesting truck drivers say that the provisions of the new law are too strict and that they should be softened. The strict provisions of the new law reflect the alarming statistic of 50,000 annual deaths in the country due to hit-and-run incidents, prompting the government to enforce more stringent regulations.

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