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Ambani family gets Z+ security cover globally at its own cost, first business family to get the elite security

By B S Reporter

The country's richest business family- Mukesh Ambani family – gets the Z+ cover to thwart any security threat. The Supreme Court has directed the central government to ensure Z+ security should be made available not only in but also throughout the country and abroad.

The court has said that industrialist Mukesh Ambani will bear all the costs of this security arrangement.

A bench of Justices Murari and Ahsanuddin Amanullah said that while Mukesh Ambani and his family remain within India, the Maharashtra government and the Ministry of Home Affairs would ensure their security. And the Ministry of Home Affairs should ensure security arrangements for them when they are travelling abroad, the court said.

The Division Bench opined that if there is a threat for which security cover is provided and that too at their own expense, it cannot be restricted to a particular geographic location. Considering that their business activities are across the country and also outside it, the purpose of granting security cover would be lost if it is restricted to a place or area. According to official sources, the monthly cost of Z+ security for a person is Rs 40-45 lakh.

24 hour security for Ambani family

The government deploys 58 commandos for round the clock security of Ambani family. These commandos are armed with the latest weapons including Heckler & Coach MP5 sub machine gun which fires 800 round in a minute.

After , Z+ security is the most foolproof. While SPG security is provided only to the Prime Minister, the high level Z+ security is made available to VVIPs, who face serious security threats. Z+ security has 6 central security level. The Ambani family has already been provided with 6 trained drivers, round the clock.

Ambani keeps personal guards also

Besides, CRPF Mukesh Ambani also has 15-20 unarmed personal guards to shadow him. These guards are well trained in the Israel's deadly martial art Krav Maga, known for its focus on real-world situations and its extreme efficiency. These guards work in two shifts and mostly are retired commandos from Army and National Security Guards (NSG).

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