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Centre rolls out guidelines to regulate coaching centres

To regulate the coaching centres, the central government has rolled out guidelines, prohibiting intake of students less than 16 years of age

Triggered by the rising suicide cases in coaching centres of Kota, the union education ministry has rolled to regulate the coaching industry in the country. 

According to the new guidelines, coaching institutes cannot enrol less than 16 years of age that means students who have passed at least secondary level would be eligible for enrolment.  

“The coaching institutes cannot publish or cause to be published or take part in the publication of any misleading advertisement relating to any claim, directly or indirectly, of quality of coaching or the facilities offered therein or the result procured by such coaching centre or the student who attended such class,” the guidelines said. 

As per the guidelines, coaching institutes will not be able to engage tutors having qualifications less than graduation. The institutions cannot make misleading promises or guarantee rank or good marks to parents for enrolling students in the coaching centres. They cannot hire the services of any tutor or person who has been convicted of any offence. 

“Coaching centres shall have a website with updated details of the qualification of tutors, courses/curriculum, duration of completion, hostel facilities, and the fees being charged,” the guidelines stated.

The guidelines stated that coaching centres should take steps for the mental well-being of students and may conduct classes without putting undue pressure on them.

“They should establish a mechanism for immediate intervention to provide targeted and sustained assistance to students in distress and stressful situations,” the guidelines stated. 

Information about the names of psychologists, counsellors and the time they render services may be given to all students and parents. 

“Trained counsellors could be in the coaching centre to facilitate effective guidance and counselling for students and parents,” the guidelines stated.

It also mentioned that tutors “may undergo training in mental health issues to convey information effectively and sensitively to students about their areas of improvement”.

According to the guidelines, the tuition fees for different courses should be be fair and reasonable and receipts for the fee charged must be made available.

“If the student has paid for the course in full and is leaving the course in the middle of the prescribed period, a student will be refunded out of the fees deposited earlier for the remaining period on a pro-rata basis within 10 days.

“If the student was staying in the hostel of the coaching centre then the hostel fees and mess fee etc. will also be refunded. Under no circumstances, the fee based on which enrolment has been made for a particular course and duration shall be increased during the currency of the course,” it said.

The centre has also recommended a penalty of ₹ 1 lakh or cancellation of registration of charging exorbitant fees become cause for undue leading to student suicide or for other malpractices.

The centre has proposed to ensure proper monitoring of the coaching institutes and ensure registration of new and existing centres within three months after the guidelines come into effect.

The state will be responsible for monitoring the activities of the coaching centre and enquiring about any coaching centre regarding the fulfilment of required eligibility of registration and satisfactory activities of the coaching centre.

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