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Churu collector Pushpa Satyani bans animal carts during peak hours

Churu Collector Pushpa Satyani has issued orders banning use of animals for pulling carts during peak heat in days to save them from heat

Presenting a humane face, Churu collector Pushpa Satyani has banned moving of any animal drawn loading cart in the district between 12 noon and 3 pm when the heat is at its peak. 

This order is aimed at saving like camels, horses, donkeys, pony, bull and other load bearing animals from scorching heat.

Churu district is one of the hottest place during the summer. It has come to my notice that people use animals to carry load carts during scorching heat. The possibility of  sun stroke, heat stroke and other heat related illnesses to animals gets increased, which comes under atrocities against the animals,” Pushpa Satyani wrote in the order. 

She further wrote that strong action will be taken against the owners of those animals if they use them for loading carts during the peak time ( 12-3pm). 

“Strong action will be initiated under provisions of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960,” she wrote.

Temperature in Churu rises to 50 degree during summers

Churu is one of the hottest districts in the country. During day time the temperature of rises beyond 50 degrees putting life out of gear. Not only humans but animals also face the music. The action of Pushpa Satyani has been appreciated by people.

”Pushpa Satyani has done the right thing. It shows how sympathetic and empathetic she is towards animals. She must also be feeling the pains of people also. We need such sensitive officers who can give to poor and weaker sections,” said Ramesh Sharma, who works with an NGO.

Dr Warun Kaul, a retired senior doctor from SMS said that exposure during peak hours should be avoided in summers.
“It's advisable to stay indoor during peak heat hours. And if going out is necessary, then one should take proper precaution like stomach should not be empty, body properly covered and lots of liquid intake. This is true for animals also. Pet animals should be kept in shade and be given in time,” he said.

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