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DoP chief Hemant Gera directs depts to seek his nod for change in RAS cadre posts

DoP principal secretary Hemant Gera told all departments to seek approval before merging or converting RAS cadre posts

Taking a strong observation on converting approved cadre posts of Rajasthan Service () into departmental or of any other services, department of personnel () has directed all departments to stop this practice. 

Department of Personnel principal Hemant Gera has given a written guidelines to all departments to stop this practice. 

As per the guidelines, Hemant Gera has written that DoP has come to know that administrative arm of concerned departments convert or merge earmarked posts of RAS cadre in departmental posts or in other services by taking mere  sanction from finance department.

“However these departments don't take any approval or inform DoP, which is the controlling body of RAS,” Gera wrote

He further writes that the departments should mandatorily seek approval from DoP before merging or converting any RAS cadre post to any other service or departmental post. 

“Currently departments merge or convert RAS cadre posts to other service through sanction from finance department. Now The approval of DoP will also be needed for creation or conversion of any RAS cadre post in the department as DoP controls the RAS cadre. Just getting approval from finance will not suffice,” said a DoP officer. 

Hemant Gera directed all departments to abide by this guideline so that there is no ambiguity or gap in the RAS cadre. 

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