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Congress alleges bureaucratic intervention in polls, blames top IAS

Congress has blamed top bureaucrat Sudhansh Pant for influencing polls in Jodhpur Barmer through government machinery

It's not new that allege collectors, SPs and officers in field of working in favour of ruling party or having allegiance with a particular party. But in Rajasthan Congress has blamed top bureaucrat secretary Sudhansh Pant of influencing voters of in favour of ruling BJP. Barmer is in tight spot stuck in a triangular fight between union minister Kailash Choudhary, Congress candidate Ummedaram and young independent candidate Ravindra Singh Bhati. 

Leader of Opposition in Rajasthan assembly Tika Ram Jully alleged that the government has sent chief secretary Sudhansh Pant on a tour to Jodhpur division to influence the polls of Barmer and Jodhpur. 

“The proposition – on both Jodhpur and Barmer seats – is in favour of Congress. The ruling BJP is misusing government machinery through chief secretary. Why suddenly chief secretary is on tour to Barmer and Jodhpur which are going to polls on April 26,” Jully asked. 

Jully said that the chief secretary is trying to control the damage in these two constituencies by concerning meetings of government officials.

“In the garb of meetings, chief secretary is trying to influence the officials involved in polls to work in favour of ruling party. This is highly objectionable,” he said. 

The chief secretary Sudhansh Pant, however, denies all these allegations and said that reviewing of ongoing previous projects like refinery and petrochemical complex is not a violation of code of conduct. 

“We have not come here to start any new project. There were few issues related to refinery and petrochemical complex. We have come here to discuss these. It has nothing to do with model code of conduct. Review of old projects or programme is routine administrative job,” he said.

Does bureaucracy help ruling parties?

There is no direct connection. However good governance ensures by bureaucracy does help in boosting image of ruling party.

”You can very well witness this in Uttar Pradesh where the bureaucracy has ensured tight law and order. Though the bureaucracy has not influenced the voters, the ruling BJP has reaped the benefit,” said a senior IAS officer.

In Rajasthan, the focus of the government and bureaucracy has been good governance.

”Chief secretary Sudhansh Pant has been particular about timely resolution of public grievances and problems. He had conducted surprise checks and visits to galvanise the bureaucracy. If it benefits the ruling party, bureaucrats and bureaucracy can't be held directly responsible for this,” the officer added.

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