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Engineer of world’s largest bell at Kota river front dies while pulling out the bell

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In a tragic incident, the creator of world's largest bell – engineer Devendra Arya and one of his associates Chhotu met with an accident while pulling out the bell from the mould box. Arya and his associate both in that accident.
The bell is to be installed at the Kota river front.

According to onlookers the two fell from 35 feet height trying to pull out the bell from the mould box.
“The two were working at a height of 35 feet. Just then the joint of mould box broke into three pieces. This resulted in disbalancing Arya and his associate, who fell down from height sustaining serious head injury. Chhotu died on the spot while Arya died after struggling for life in a city hospital,” the onlooker said.

What is special about the bell ?

The bell is the world's largest single cast bell. It is made up of 13 different metals including copper, aluminium and nickel. The weight of the bell is 79,000 kg and the cost of making is Rs 19 crore.

The sound of the this bell is audible till 8 kms. The radius of this bell is 8.5 metre and the length is 9.25 metres.

Son alleges Dhariwal for Arya's death

Dhananjay Arya, son of the deceased engineer Devendra Arya alleged that death of his father is due to undue pressure from UDH minister Shanti Dhariwal to instal the bell before the

“He (Dhariwal) was after my father to instal the bell before election so that he can take the advantage of this in elections. It was the pressure that took my father's life,” he alleged.

BJP leader contesting against Shanti Dhariwal from Kota (North) Prahlad Gunjal said that an FIR should be filed against officials of Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) Kota, which has contracted this to Arya.

Dhariwal denies charges

UDH minister Shanti Dhariwal denied charges levelled by Arya's son. 

“All the allegations are baseless. The model code of conduct is in force. The work is being undertaken by UIT. Where am I in the picture?” he asked. 

On the other hand, UIT Man Singh said that there was not any pressure on anyone to expedite the installation of bell. 

“We had contracted the work to the main contractor, who had given Arya the work. 

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