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On World Cup final, Modi tries to bowl Congress out with his verbal googlies


Hours before the World Cup cricket final between India and , Narendra Modi, around 600 kms away from Ahmedabad, where the match is being played, addressed rally in Churu.

The cricket fever was quite visible on Modi, who is scheduled to attend the finals at Narendra Modi stadium. So much so that he was seen taking dig at using the terminology of cricket.

He said that of BJP government comes, it will bowl out all corrupt people.

“BJP will make score of development at fast pace, Rajasthan will win, farmers will score victory and youth and will also win,” he said.

He said that Congress leaders are busy running each other out.
“Those who are spared, get themselves hit wicket out by giving objectionable statements on women and other issues. And those remaining will take bribe and money to fix the match,” Modi said.

Modi said that when Congress team is playing so bad, how much run they will score and what good they can do to you.

“We have to score 5-7 centuries on each polling booth,” he said.

Modi again referred to the candidature of Shanti Dhariwal. He said that the minister who gave the objectionable statement of ‘mardon ka pradesh' is still contesting .

“Rather than taking punitive action against him, Congress rewarded him with ticket. That means he must be having some news of Delhi people, who are scared of him. He makes them dance to his tune. He got the ticket and is contesting the ,” Modi said.

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