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Former IAS enters into a ‘dog fight’ with a lady, slaps the lady, her hubby thrashes him back

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A dog was the reason behind altercation between a retired and a woman in a society in Noida. The altercation later ended up into a ‘dogfight' between former IAS, the lady and her husband. Ex-IAS first beat up the lady and then her husband thrashed the Ex-IAS – all the action happened in the lift.

The fight broke out over taking a dog inside lift of Parx Laureate society in Noida Sector 108, which was captured in the .

The video footage of the incident has gone viral in which the former bureaucrat is seen slapping the woman – the owner of the dog – after she tried snatching his mobile phone.

The incident occurred following a dispute over allowing the dog into the lift.

In the footage, the former can be seen pulling out his phone while the woman is waiting at the lift door. The woman at first grabs the former IAS officer's phone and puts it down while he looks into it to make calls. Following which, the former officer becomes enraged by this and repeatedly slaps the woman. In the subsequent altercation, the dog owner and the man fall out of the elevator.

After the debate heightened, the spouse of the woman arrived at the scene. Subsequently, the couple began striking the retired IAS with their hands.

As soon as the video went viral, reached the society and released an official statement.

“There has been a dispute regarding taking the dog in the lift. Talks are being held with both the parties, The police station in-charge is on the spot. According to preliminary information, there has been a fight between both the parties, CCTV is being observed, after and investigation necessary action will be taken,” the statement reads.

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