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Gurugram court objects to the salute of ACP, directs action

A Gurugram court objected to the style of salute done by ACP and directed police commissioner to take action

A in Gurugram objected to of ACP and reprimanded the police officer for the alleged ‘misconduct'. The police officer performed salute with two fingers which is considered inappropriate. 

The police officer ACP Navin Sharma gave the explanation about the alleged ‘inappropriate' salute. But unsatisfied with the explanation, the judge directed to take action against the ACP. 

The matter is being investigated by  DCP Karan Goyal. The court has sought report on the action taken by the police.

What is the case in Gurugram court

The matter is related to the court of first class judicial magistrate Vikrant. On February 8, 2024, ACP Naveen Sharma produced an in a fraud case before the court. While returning from the court after hearing the ACP performed salute to the judge with two fingers which the judge found inappropriate. 

Judge objected to the style of salute 

The judge Vikrant immediately questioned the style of salute and pointed out that the salute was not in the manual. 

ACP Naveen Sharma explained the judge various styles of performing salute. He said that he had learnt three types of salute. He also tried to pacify the judge that he did not do anything intentionally.

When the judge did not get satisfied with his answers, the ACP said that he (ACP) could not perform salute properly as he was wearing tight shirt. 

What rules say?

Judge Vikrant explained ACP about the rules followed during performing salute. Citing Punjab Police Rules 1934, the judge told ACP that police officer has to mandatorily salute the judge during the court proceedings irrespective of the rank of judiciary officer chairing court. 

Later Judge Vikrant directed police commissioner to take action against the ACP saying that the police officer needs proper training  about rules and protocols. The judge has sought report from the police about the action taken. 

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