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Husband kills SDM Nisha Napit in Madhya Pradesh

This story of blind love between an SDM and criminal is an eye opener. Husband killed SDM for money

In a strange love story, husband of an SDM Nisha Napit killed her for money. This blind love story is an eye opener. Nisha Napit, who was serving as SDM in Shahpura in Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh, was choked to death by her husband Manish Sharma. He pressed pillow on her nostrils after a fight.

The police arrested husband who confessed the

What is the case of Nisha Napit

Nisha Napit, a 50 year old SDM, met Manish Sharma (45) over matrimonial site and developed friendship. After some time they got married in 2020. Nisha's parents had long ago. She has an elder sister Neelima, who is lecturer in a college. 

When Neelima came to know about Nisha's marriage plan, she insisted meet Manish Sharma, who denied meeting her saying that he doesn't care about anyone except Nisha. 

Nisha too had fallen blindly in his love. She got married without intimating her sister. 

Problems started after marriage

Manish Sharma used to live in Gwalior and was running a business. He didn't stay with Nisha. Soon after marriage he started demanding money from Nisha for his business. Nisha took loan of ₹ 5 lakh from bank and gave that to him. But his demand kept on increasing. He used to come stay with Nisha for two-three days, would quarrel and then leave after taking money. 

Manish Sharma didn't stop there. He started pressuring Nisha to make him nominee in service record and all . Knowing the intentions of her husband, Nisha declined his pursuation, which intensified their fights. Nisha's sister Neelima and her son were nominee of Nisha in all her official record. That bothered her husband. 

On the day of murder

Three days back on Saturday, Manish had visited Nisha at her official residence in Shahpura. Fight broke between them. Manish overpowered Nisha and choked her it to death by pressing pillow on her nostrils a day after on Sunday. After killing Nisha, he washed the bedsheet and pillow cover in washing machine to remove evidences. 

What husband of Nisha Napit told Police

Manish Sharma said that her death has happened due to high blood pressure. He said that Nisha was living with one functional kidney.

“She also used to continuously have problem of cough and cold. That day, she was having fast. She ate two guavas despite my stopping her. In night, her blood pressure shot up and blood oozed out from her nose and she vommitted also. 

He continued, “I got angry as she didn't listen to my advice. So I left her in her room and came out. Since next day was Sunday and it was public holiday, I didn't wake her up in morning. House maid came, cooked food and went. Servant also came but there was power cut, so he also left. Then in afternoon I went to her and tried to wake her up. But she didn't respond. I gave her CPR but it didn't work. Then I called up driver who brought  doctor to home. The doctor advised to take her to the . The doctors declared her brought dead.”

What doctors said 

Manish Sharma had told police that Nisha died while being treated at the hospital. However, Dr Ratnesh Dwivedi who did post-mortem said that the death had occurred 5-6 hours before the body was brought to hospital.

This raised the suspicion of police who remanded her husband and after asking questions strictly Manish Sharma broke down and confessed the

Dubious past of Manish Sharma

Manish Sharma was married previously also in 2018 but his divorced him within six months. Due to erratic behaviour of Manish, his family has also broken ties with him. 

In 2020, Manish met Nisha on matrimonial site and got married in Gayatri temple where no relative was present. 

However, a year later, a woman in Ghaziabad posted her wedding photograph with Manish Sharma on social media site. Nisha got suspicious and asked Manish about that woman. He told her that she was her friend's widow. His friend died during Corona. 

With a chequered past, relationship between Manish and Nisha got soured. So much so that Manish killed his SDM wife.  

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