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JDA bulldozes encroachment by Rambagh Golf Club

In a bold step, JDA has bulldozed encroachment by Ram Bagh Golf Club - a premium club of business community - on JDA land

Jaipur Development Authority has woken up from deep slumber in the new leadership. After a wake up call from the secretary Sudhansh Pant, who took a surprise visit at JDA last month, the authority has swung into action.

JDA commissioner Manju Rajpal has been taking bold steps since then. 

In the latest development, JDA has bulldozed encroachment of Rambagh Golf Club – a premium club of business in Jaipur. 

According to enforcement officers, Rambagh Golf Club has done illegal contraction of 2,500 feet on land belonging to JDA.

“We had been receiving complaints of encroaching by Rambagh Golf Club. As per the directions of JDA commissioner Manju Rajpal we have demolished the construction,” the officer said .

Another enforcement officer Navratan said that JDA had sent a seven-day notice to Golf Club to remove the encroachment after it came to out notice that the Golf Club had taken illegal possession of government land. 

“The club failed to remove the construction even after the notice. So we had to remove it forcibly through JCB.

JDA found illegal construction adjoining Central Park

Rambagh Golf Club had encroached the JDA land adjoining Central Park near Darshan museum and constructed three halls with tin sheds. With this they had also developed three service points for car servicing, which was demolished by the JDA. There has been such controversies between JDA and Ram Bagh Golf Club ever since the Club has come into being in early 2000. Since the boundaries of Golf Club and Central Park owned by JDA touch, there have been complaints of encroachments.

What Central Park Bacaho Samiti says?

The president of Central Park Bachao Samiti Yogesh Yadav said that the Golf Club is serving liquor and hosting parties in the name of playing golf. 

“The club is slowly encroaching the adjoining land of Central Park which belongs to Jaipur Development Authority. We have been complaining about it for long. I am happy that the government has taken a stern step to stop the encroachment,” Yadav said. 

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