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Why CS Sudhansh Pant was shocked on his surprise check?

Rajasthan chief secretary Sudhansh Pant was shocked to see media when he went for a surprise check at transport department.

Chief secretary Sudhansh Pant was left shocked when he was doing a surprise check on transport department. Pant said that he was shocked as to how information of his surprise check leaked. 

“I never disclose anyone about my plans. How people get to know about my visit. Staff who had their duties in field are also present in office. How media gets to know about my visit, is really surprising,” Pant said. 

Sudhansh Pant, on Wednesday morning, tuned his car towards Sahkar Marg and paid a surprise visit to transport department. He found many of officers absent from their seats. Transport , who had gone to attend a programme on road safety, came to office after Pant inspected each and every room of the main building. 

According to staff present there, Sudhansh Pant carried some files along with him and took photographs of files from his mobile camera. He stayed there for 1.15 hours and took stock of working of the department.

“Senior officers have several works in the field. Some were attending function somewhere. But when they came to know about my arrival, they rushed to the office. However, there were few officers who were not found present in time,” Sudhansh Pant said.

Small step towards good governance

After inspection Sudhansh Pant said that the government is trying to bring good governance in the state. 

“This is a huge machinery. It takes time. If we all work together, I am hopeful that there will be improvement soon. Both and chief minister have clear vision. Official work should happen with , sensitivity and at a fast pace,” he said. 

He said that all officers are working towards bringing good government in all government departments. 

“I am not the only one. Hundreds of officers are working towards this under the guidance of chief minister,” he said. 

Sudhansh Pant inspected departments with public dealing

In little more than 45 days of his tenure as chief secretary so far, Sudhansh Pant has inspected four key departments, which deal with public. He started with Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) followed by Jaipur collectorate and Nagar Nigam Greater. His focus was on checking punctuality and absenteeism in offices. He also checked pendency of work and investigated reasons behind the delay in work. He has been strict in his inspection and has given strong message to officers towards zero tolerance in , negligence, punctuality and slackness. He had put two RAS officers be one IAS on APO when he didn't find them in their respective offices during inspection at JDA. 

Stress on efiling

The chief secretary has been stressing on efiling to improve tracking and monitoring of work. He said that efiling brings transparency, accountability and efficiency in working system. 

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