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Kota collector gives letter balm for aspirants and families

Kota collector Ravindra Goswami has issued two separate motivational letters for students and their family members amid spate of suicide cases

After recent cases of suicides of in Kota, Dr. Ravindra Goswami has issued separate motivational letters for aspirants and their family members.

Goswami, who has done a remarkable work in engaging with coaching students in Kota through programmes like , has asked students not to give up even if they could not clear NEET or JEE exam. Giving his own example, Ravindra Goswami has written that he had also failed to clear PMT in first attempt. But he didn't give up and became doctor. 

“If you are walking, you will fall also. But relevance is only when you fall and then you get up, walk towards the goal without getting tired and without stopping so that our country feels proud of you,” he wrote in the letter addressing students.

Goswami wrote that every failure gives an opportunity to be successful by winning and learning from mistakes. 

The collector also wrote a separate letter for family members of aspirants requesting them to give opportunity to their children for mending their mistakes the way his (Goswami) parents have done when he came back from Kota without achieving success. 

“Please counsel them for next few days that becoming engineer or doctor is not the end of life. There is no one in the world who has not failed  or hasn't committed mistakes,” he wrote. 

In an advisory letter to parents and family members of students, Kota collector asked them to not to put any pressure on their children.

“Can anyone become successful just by clearing exam? Perhaps not. Success is an intrinsic feeling which can be achieved by doing any work with complete . It may be possible that the student had worked hard but the day of examination was not his day. It may be possible that the student is a fish and he is in the race to fly,” Goswami wrote.

Kota collector hit the headlines by launching ‘Dinner with Collector'

Amid rising cases of student-suicide in coaching hub Kota, the district collector Ravindra Goswami had launched a unique initiative– Dinner with Collector – in the city. 

In this initiative Goswami would visit one or paying guest accommodation every Friday to interact with students. He also used to have dinner with them along with pep up words.

This initiative was aimed at reducing mental stress of students and make outstation students feel at home. 

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