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IAS Ministhy S translates Ram Charit Manas in English, expands its reach

At a time when devotees are thronging Ram Temple in Ayodhya, UP cadre IAS Ministhy has come up with English translation of Ram Charit Manas

Ministhy S, a 2003-batch IAS officer of Uttar Pradesh cadre, has given a literary contribution to the cause of religion. She has translated in English to expand the spirituality of the literature to global level. Recently, former union home secretary S Lakshminarayanan had donated his life's saving of ₹5 crore towards commissioning of 151 kg Ram Charit Manas scripted in gold studded letters at the .

The timing of her English translation is ripe when people from across the world are coming to Ayodhya to visit the Ram temple. No wonder her book has gone for reprint as demand for her creation is surging.

Though her translated book consists of only four chapters out of seven in the original Ram Charit Manas, the popularity has not been impacted at all. herald book has important chapters like Lanka Kand, Sundar Kand, Aranya Kand and Krishkindha Kand, which is being liked by non Hindi book lovers who could not read Ram Charit Manas due to linguistic barrier.

A native of Kerala, Ministhy said that the idea of translating Ram Charit Manas came to her when she saw her mother struggling to read Tulsi Das created Ram Charit Manas in Awadhi.

“Like my mother, there must be a large number of people who wanted to read Ram Charit Manas but could not due to linguistic barrier. I decided to come up with an English version this book to expand its reach,” she said.Ministhy said that she had been reading Ramayana and Ram Charit Manas since childhood as Ram has a great place in the Malayali society in Kerala.

“Since I have been knowing about the life of Lord , I didn't face much difficulty in doing the English translation of Ram Charit Manas.

Ministry translates between three languages: Malayalam, English and Hindi. Her translations of the Malayalam novels by KR Meera featured in the DSC Prize for South Asian literature 2017 longlist for The Poison of Love, and the Crossword Book Jury Awards shortlist 2018 for The Unseeing Idol of Light. Anti-Clock, the latest translation of VJ James's novel featured in the 2021 JCB Prize for Literature shortlist.

Ministhy is a devotee of Lord Hanuman

Ministhy said that she is a devotee of Lord . And that is the reason why she translated Sundar kand first. “The translation of Ram Charit Manas started in 2016. The book was published in 2017. Then it took two years to include Krishkindha kand. During the Covid period, she added Aranya land to the book and just two months back, Lanka land has been added,” Ministhy said .

Ministhy said that she is now working on Bal land, which will be produced in two parts. 

“Normally start should have been with Bal kand. But I went by what God directed,” she said 

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