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Loksabha campaign launched : Kejriwal and Maan rally for jailed MLA Chaitra Vasava

"Bhagwant Maan and Arvind Kejriwal Advocate for Tribal Rights, Accuse BJP of Politically Motivated Harassment"

AAP launched campaign for the Lok Sabha elections.

In a public rally held in Bharuch, Gujarat, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Maan and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal voiced their staunch support for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Chaitra Vasava, who is currently in judicial custody, facing charges of assault and extortion. The leaders, addressing the crowd, accused the BJP of orchestrating politically motivated harassment against Vasava.

The rally marked the launch of AAP's Lok Sabha campaign in Gujarat, with Kejriwal announcing Chaitra Vasava as the party's candidate from the Bharuch constituency. Both leaders visited the family of the incarcerated MLA, pledging unwavering support in Vasava's battle against the Gujarat BJP government.

Addressing the gathering in Netrarang, Bharuch, Maan asserted that Vasava fights for tribal rights, emphasising that the current government is anti-tribal. Despite Vasava's imprisonment, Maan declared, “Our fight against dictatorship will continue,” underscoring the resilience of their cause. Kejriwal echoed these sentiments, proclaiming that Chaitra Vasava poses a formidable threat to the BJP in Gujarat, vowing that the MLA will emerge as a force to be reckoned with.

Highlighting the achievements of his government in Punjab, Maan shared with the audience the commitment to youth employment, stating, “We have given more than 42 thousand government jobs to young boys and girls in Punjab.” He announced plans to distribute letters for government jobs to 700 youths in the coming days, portraying Punjab as a success story in the making.

Kejriwal, in his address, accused the BJP of pressuring Chaitra Vasava to join their ranks and become a minister. Asserting that Vasava's release would spell trouble for the BJP, Kejriwal forewarned, “The day Chaitra Vasava comes out, he will annihilate BJP.”

In a show of solidarity, both chief ministers plan to visit Chaitra Vasava in Bharuch Jail. The AAP MLA stands accused of assaulting a forest department employee, intensifying the political controversy surrounding his incarceration.

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