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Pankaj Jha appointed media advisor of Chhattisgarh CM

Pankaj Jha, who is known to be an expert in narrative building, has been appointed as media advisor of Chhattisgarh CM Vishnudev Sai

Senior journalist Pankaj Jha has been as the media advisor of Chhattisgarh chief Vishnu Deo Sai. He will advise the chief minsiter on media related issues. He has been given the rank equivalent to special secretary. 

Pankaj Jha has long been associated with the saffron party. Prior to joining chief minister, he had been editor of Deep Patrika which is mouthpiece of BJP.

Earlier also, he had been associated with former chief minister Raman Singh. He used to be assigned with the job of devising media campaign of Raman Singh, curating content for national leaders and preparing agenda for BJP.

In this election also, Pankaj Jha was instrumental in making waves for BJP through his advice. It was a complete turnaround in Chhattisgarh elections. All pollsters had predicted a repeat Congress government. But in last couple of weeks before elections, the perception changed and people came out in horde to vote for BJP.

An alumnus of Makhan Lal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Pankaj Jha is the first political of the BJP government in Chhattisgarh. This underlines his importance in the Chhattisgarh. 

Who is Pankaj Jha?

Pankaj Jha is a progressive journalist with a right bent of mind. He has been associated with BJP for long time. However, his writings have been objective. He has good command over language and is an expert in building narrative. His expertise has helped BJP cash in on the relevant topics and agenda. 

“Pankaj Jha ji is an excellent journalist with clarity of vision. He understands the needs of media very well and will be proved to be an exceptional media manager. I have worked with him and have a feeling that BJP and particularly the chief minister will gain a lot in the battle of perception,” said a senior journalist, who has worked with him for years.

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