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Phalodi Bets on Modi’s Prediction – No Gehlot Government from this time


The famous betting market of Phalodi, Rajasthan, is abuzz with the latest trends ahead of the upcoming elections. On one hand, it seems to be indicating a potential victory for the party in Madhya Pradesh and . In Phalodi's betting market, the odds are in favor of the BJP winning between 121 to 126 seats, while in Madhya Pradesh, the Congress is predicted to secure 112 to 115 seats, and in Chhattisgarh, 52 to 54 seats.

Phalodi, a small town in western India, has been known for its illegal betting activities for over a century. Despite the illegality of gambling, the practice has gained acceptance among the local population for more than a hundred years. People in the area often place more trust in the betting market than in official surveys.

Renowned journalist Lalit Parihar explained that this year, the betting market in Phalodi set its odds for the assembly elections in June, inviting wagers. At that time, it predicted that Congress would win 55 seats.

However, after relief camps and other , Congress managed to secure 75-80 seats initially. With the release of the updated candidate list, it's now speculated that Congress might gain an additional five seats, attributed to the BJP fielding weaker candidates.

The betting market in Phalodi remains dynamic and responsive to various factors such as the election rallies of key leaders, controversial statements, corruption scandals, and voter turnout percentages. It continues to adapt its odds in response to these changing circumstances.betsB

Phalodi bets

  • Rajasthan – BJP – 121-126
  • Madhya Pradesh- Congress – 112-115
  • Chhattisgarh – Congress – 52-54
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