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Rapist father gets 20-year imprisonment in Jaipur

A rapist father has been sentenced an imprisonment of 20 years for raping minor daughter. He is also accused of killing his wife

A rapist father accused of raping his minor daughter has been sentenced 20-year imprisonment by Jaipur Metro -I POCSO . The convict has been accused of killing his wife also. 

While pronouncing the judgment, Manisha Singh said that the victim has been raped by his guardian only.

“In such a sensitive matter, no mercy can be shown to the accused,” the judge said. 

The court in its judgement has written that evidences and testimony of the victim prove that  the accused has raped his minor daughter from 2015 to 2020 without her consent. His crime is a big injury to her physical and emotional status, which has damaged her dignity also. 

The kind of emotional  and psychological damage victim has suffered, it can't be ignored,” the judgment says. 

Rapist father is accused of killing his wife

According to the victim, the rapist father has killed his wife on December 1, 2020. The victim had lodged an FIR at Mansarovar station in Jaipur following which his caller was arrested on December 9, 2020.

The victim said that her father has started raping her in 2015. He used to threaten her that if she would tell anyone about it he (father) will kill her mother and brother. 

She further told that her father used to intoxicate her before committing rape. 
“He used to mix sleeping pills or some other in or juice and I used to become unconscious. Then he would commit the crime,” she said.

The victim said that in the year 2016 she had become pregnant. The her father terminated her pregnancy alleging that her Mama had raped her. 

“After that I told my mother about it. My mother started taking care of me. One day when my father was trying to molest me, my mother protested against it and then my father killed her,” the victim said in a recorded statement.  

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