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Unheard stories laced with right amount of spice and double the insight.

Promoting self in Desert

An IAS officer who has been popular ever since she topped the civil list, is now promoting self in the state's most popular festival. Her love life and marriages have been a matter of curiosity for youngsters. Now she is sending open invite to youngster to have a tete e tete with her during the festival and get a tip or two to trudge the road of success.
The IAS officer is among the youngest Collectors in the state and have a great fan following on social across the country.

Crackdown on

It's rare that member of ruling party is living under fear. MLAs and even ministers who have voiced difference of opinion with the chief are sceptical of having police cases registered against them. It has already started with a hailing from Shekhawati. The state chief who also controls police has pressed the Intelligence to collect evidences against the detractors, just to keep them in check when it comes to show the strength. While few of them are furious over this action, most of them are in a reconciliation mode.

No ear for public

It's for sometime that the demand for changing Collector of Lord Shrinathji's district is gaining pace. Even MLAs of ruling party are not happy with his working. Recently, a senior alleged that the collector uses police to stop people from approaching him. In democracy of the collectors doesn't listen to it the plight of commoners, how can the Congress deliver the promise of . Collector however remain unfazed as he is believed to have the blessing of the high profile MLA from the constituency of Lord Shrinathji. But his attitude in early phase of administrative life will be detrimental to his popularity and further career growth, especially if government changes.

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