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Xi Jinping to skip G-20 summit, may cause a dent in diplomatic image

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In a surprising turn of events, Chinese President Xi Jinping has officially announced his decision to skip the upcoming G20 Summit to be held in New Delhi. This decision has raised concerns and criticism from various quarters, with experts viewing it as a detrimental move for both 's image and its strategies.

President Xi's absence from the G20 Summit follows his recent participation in the BRICS Summit held in South Africa. Skipping the G20 Summit, a platform for global economic and political cooperation, is seen by many as an attempt to undermine India, the host country for the event.

This decision seems to be part of a broader trend, as China had previously skipped G20 meetings in Kashmir and had objections to India's use of the phrase “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” during its G20 Presidency. Furthermore, China had attempted to disrupt a Youth20 summit in Ladakh, leading to increased tensions with India.

The timing of President Xi's decision is crucial, coming after recent positive developments in the border dispute and his meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi in South Africa in August. By skipping the G20 Summit, China risks further straining its relationship with India and the West, which could have far-reaching diplomatic consequences.

This decision also has implications for China's delicate balancing strategy, especially in light of the Ukraine War that began in 2022. China has expressed sympathy for 's actions in Ukraine and has provided diplomatic and economic support, while still seeking normal ties with Western nations. China relies on its economic relationship with Europe, which does $2.5 billion in daily trade and has pending investment agreements.


China's rivalry with the United States has led it to exploit divisions within Europe, as seen during French President Macron's visit to China, where he advocated for Europe's independence from U.S. influence. However, China's support for Russia over Ukraine has deepened distrust in Europe, making it crucial for China to maintain a balanced relationship with the continent.

Skipping the G20 Summit alongside Russia's absence presents a problematic image for China, aligning it closely with Russia, which is detrimental to its international brand and likely to heighten suspicion among European nations. This move also undermines China's efforts to project itself as a neutral player and damages its reputation as an “anti-imperialist” force.

In summary, President Xi's decision to skip the G20 Summit in New Delhi is viewed as a misstep in China's diplomatic strategy, risking further isolation and distrust from the international , particularly in the context of the ongoing Ukraine crisis. It also sends a concerning message about China's commitment to addressing global issues like debt relief and climate change, priorities crucial to developing nations, during India's G20 Presidency.

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