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An IPS officer registers case of honey trap and blackmailing against doctor

In another case of an extra marital affair turned into honey-trap and blackmailing an IPS officer registered an FIR against a lady doctor of blackmailing him after honey trapping. A 2021 batch IPS Rajesh Kumar Meena has registered an FIR in Jaipur complaining that the lady doctor Priyanka has been blackmailing him and pressuring him to get married to her for last four months.

The IPS says that the doctor repeatedly putting pressure on him to leave his wife.

“How can you marry anyone without asking me? I have divorced my husband for you. You also leave your wife and marry me,” the IPS says in a written complaint.

Meena further states that the doctor has been demanding Rs 50 lakh threatening to lodge a false case against the IPS.

The Case

The relationship dates back to 2020 when Meena was a probationer in Service (). He was posted as Sub-Divisional Officer, Galiakot in Dungarpur district where he met the doctor in a hospital during Covid duty. The doctor was working on contract basis in the hospital. The two got closer during that period and became friends. Priyanka was married at that time. But she used to come to Rajesh place and would cook for him. Their friendship grew thicker so much so that Priyanka lent Rajesh Rs 3 lakh which the IPS returned in time.

Later Rajesh was transferred to Chaksu (Jaipur district) as SDM. Even then Priyanka used to visit him on the pretext of getting medicines. The two kept on meeting on and off.

Rajesh became IPS

In September 2021, Rajesh cleared examination and was selected for IPS. When Priyanka came to know about it, she asked Rajesh to marry her after she got divorce from her husband. Rajesh was reluctant for marriage and he told her that his marriage will be arranged by family and friendship is something not to be linked with marriage.

Rajesh got married in 2023

Rajesh eventually got married in May 2023 with the acceptance of family. After his marriage Priyanka started blackmailing him and putting pressure to divorce his wife. As per Rajesh, the pressure started mounting up tremendously since July and she started threatening him of registering an FIR of rape.

According to FIR Rajesh stated that Priyanka is demanding Rs 50 lakh against the monetary help of Rs 3 lakh she extended to Rajesh.

“I had given you Rs 3 lakh in your bank account. You returned me in cash. There is no proof. Now give me Rs 50 lakh otherwise I will implicate you in case,” Priyanka threatened as per the FIR.

Who Is Rajesh Kumar Meena ?

Rajesh Kumar Meena belongs to Sawai Madhopur. He was first selected in RAS in 2019 and was posted as SDO Galiakot, Dungarpur and SDM, Chaksu before getting selected in IPS in 2021. He is a petroleum engineer from School of Mines Dhanbad. He secured 622 rank in Civil Services exam with Hindi Literature as main subject. He cleared Civil Services in seventh attempt.

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