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Bidhuri claims the video is fake, not misbehaved with anyone, will file defamation case

Hours after Congress Rajendra Bidhuri's video went viral in which he was seen kicking pagdi of an old man, the Begun MLA came out saying that the video is edited and has been uploaded to malign his image.

“The video is two years old. The video is edited and fake. I have never misbehaved with any one. The old man had come to meet me and suddenly he kept his pagdi on the ground for no reason. I told him to get the pagdi and talk to me after wrapping around the head. He then told me that his son had brought home a girl on nata by paying Rs 7 lakh. But the girl went back,” Bidhuri said.

He further said that the nata system is illegal and the old person should go to .

“The old man asked me to call up police and help him to lodge case. To which I said that I don't call police for such things. You handle things yourself and the I went away from that place,” he said.

Bidhuri said that people have edited this video and misrepresented him.

“They know that I am winning the . That's why they are maligning my image. I will file defamation case against those who have uploaded the video,” he said.

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