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ED asks Vaibhav Gehlot to appear on October 30, to question Gehlot junior in FEMA case

Vaibhav Gehlot, son of Rajasthan chief minister has sought 15 days time to appear before the Directorate of Enforcement for questing in Foreign Exchange Act (FEMA). However, ED had asked Vaibhav Gehlot to appear on October 30 at 11.30 am. Earlier he was to appear on October 26.
Vaibhav Gehlot said that he had already given reply to queries related to FEMA case 12-13 years back when ED had given summon to him in the same case.

“Public understands why this issue has been raised during elections,” he said.
He said that he is not the one to get afraid of and will face the ED with brave face.

“This is being orchestrated with a definitive strategy. I am not going to run away,” he said.

ED is acting on complaints filed by BJP Rajya Sabha member Kirodi Lal Meena, who had accused Vaibhav Gehlot and his wife Himanshi Gehlot of carrying out benami business worth thousands of crores at Fairmont Hotel, Jaipur, and other five-star and heritage hotels via funds invested from Mauritius and London.

Recently, ED conducted search operations at various locations of Shiv Shankar Sharma and Ratan Kant Sharma, directors of Triton Hotels and Resorts which owns Fairmont hotel in Jaipur. ED recovered unaccounted cash of Rs 1.27 crore during the search operation.

ED initiated investigation on the basis of credible information wherein Triton Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Ltd. received FDI from Shivnar Holdings Ltd; Mauritius at a huge premium which was revised several times violating FEMA provisions.

Information further revealed that Triton Group has been involved in Hawala transactions having cross border implications. During the search operations, unaccounted cash of Rs. 1.27 Crore, various incriminating documents including digital evidences, hard disks, mobiles etc. were seized which reveal large scale transactions done by the group out of books of account.

Allegations run fast and thick

Meena had alleged that a London-based doctor from Jodhpur, whose shell company – Sivnar Holdings Limited – created by Minerva Holding Limited, which was named in Panama Papers, also invested around Rs 100-crore in Triton Hotel, i.e. Fairmont Hotel, and the money was later turned into white money through Sunlight Car Rental Services Pvt Limited. He said he will reveal the doctor's name to ED. He further said JTC Fiduciary Services Limited, formerly known as Minerva Holding Limited, was named in Panama Paper leaks.

Meena further alleged illegal land conversion and construction, investment of money through foreign shell companies in Mauritius and London at four big hotels including Raffles Hotel and Taj Aravali in , Nimri Palace in and Fairmont Hotel in Jaipur. He said an FIR has been lodged at Amer police station against benami property investments in five-star and heritage hotels. Senior police officers, however, asserted that no FIR has been lodged so far by the BJP leader.

The BJP MP alleged that a part of the profit booked through the said business was being channelled and further transferred to a dummy company of Vaibhav Gehlot– Sun Light Car Rental Services Pvt Ltd. He alleged that the CM and his son committed money laundering and benami investments at Fairmont Hotel Jaipur under the ownership of Triton Hotel and Resort Pvt Ltd.

Gehlot had given permission to construct the Fairmont hotel. Under his government on August 21, 2009, JDA approved the site plan of Triton Hotel and Resort i.e., Fairmont Hotel, Kukas, Jaipur, which was all done with the malafide intent of Gehlot for bringing in his share of 50% partnership in the hotel,” said Meena.

Hotel Fairmont Jaipur is under the ownership of one company “Triton Hotel and Resrot Pvt Ltd”. Vaibhav Gehlot had invested Rs 96.75 crore by benami transactions in the name of one dummy and shell company “Sivnar Holdings Limited” which is 50% owner of Fairmont hotel. Sivnar Holdings Limited is a shell and dummy company of “JTC Fiduciary Services Limited” (earlier Minerva Fiduciary Mauritius limited). Sivnar Holdings Limited is registered in Mauritius at the same address of JTC Fiduciary Services Limited,” he said.

“The ownership document of Fairmont hotel clearly reflects that 50% shareholding (ownership) of the hotel is with Ratan Kant Sharma and his wife Juhi Sharma and the rest 50% shareholding (ownership) is in the name of one Shell company Sivnar Holdings Limited,” Meena added.Gehlo

He said Vaibhav Gehlot had direct links with Sharma and Hotel Fairmont. “Ashok Gehlot government allotted land to Fairmont, Jaipur, during his tenure. Now, fake and false bills are being created under travelling expenses at Fairmont Hotel and all such bills are paid to one company “Sun Light Car Rental Services Pvt Ltd” which has only two owners and directors – Vaibhav Gehlot and Himanshi Gehlot,” he alleged.

Meena further said, “Under the political patronage of chief minister Ashok Gehlot, Raffles Hotel was built on land adjacent to Udai Sagar Lake in Udaipur. In this, some time ago, about eight hectares of land was grabbed from an Adivasi person and about two hectares of land was illegally converted for construction work and six hectares of land was left for agricultural purposes”.

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