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First secured tickets for loyalists now Raje voices to ensure their victories

Raje is back. And back with the same vigour and enthusiasm. Her rallies at Bali in favour of Pushpendra Singh and Bilara backing up Arjun Lal Garg were reminiscences of her hey days when she would speak and public would listen to with a sense of conviction.

In her signature style, Raje ripped apart Gehlot government for doing out guarantees just before end of its term.
“Those who don't have warranty are now giving guarantee to people,” she said.
She said that the announcements made by Gehlot government in its fag end are just eyewash.
“Announcements of relief are just nine days of wonders. We should not trust the government. They have emptied the treasury,” she said.

No doctor, no teacher, no jobs

Raje said that Gehlot government had just closed down all the good work started by the previous BJP.
“There are hospitals but no doctor. There are schools but no teacher. There are vacant posts but no employment,” she said.

Empty Treasury hollow promises

She said that Gehlot government had robbed pockets of public to fund relief work.
“They first levied surcharge of Rs 56 crore and then gave 100 units free electricity. They are just giving back the money they robbed from you. The government doesn't have money to buy transformers. In our days transformers were replaced with 72 hours. Now even in 72 days, transformers don't get replaced,” she said.
Raje blasted Gehlot government for atrocities against , farmers and youth.
“You all know how we have passed these years. There were atrocities against women, girls were raped and innocent people lost lives. So vote for those who can provide security to you,” she said.

Suicide Raj

Raje said that Rahul made false promises of providing loan waiver within 10 days of the formation of government but to the contrary land of more than 19,000 farmers were auctioned and 350 farmers committed suicides
“Even youth suffered a lot during this government. They promised to give unemployment allowance but nothing happens. Future of more than 19 youth was ruined due to paper leak, which occurred 19 times. Youth are committing suicides,” she said.

Ramkumar Kaushik
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