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Former Governor Satya Pal Malik gives Modi ‘birthday bumps’, calls him anti-national

Continuing his usual tirade against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and central government, former Jammu and Kashmir and Meghalaya Governor Satyapal Malik accused Modi and his government to be 100% anti national. He said that the recent riot in Nuh was government sponsored and well orchestrated.

“Central government wanted to spread this riot to other places also like Aligarh, Muzaffarnagar, Agra, and . But they failed because farmers didn't support them. They will try to do this again. We don't want to get into it,” said Satya Pal Malik while speaking at a conference of -Muslim-Meghwal in Sikar, 120 kms from Jaipur.

Malik, who is a known Modi baiter, said that if Modi and his government don't get changed then farmers, soldiers and whatever good is happening in the country will finish off.

“So many things happened in Manipur. But Modi didn't even go there. My legs are in bad condition. But I will travel all around to uproot Modi and his government. These people are cruel, dangerous and very bad,” Malik said.

Former Governor said that the history of India is replete with cases of Hindu-Muslim unity. People should not get into Hindu-Muslim controversies. The army commander of Maharana Pratap was Hakim Khan while Hasan Khan Mewati supported Rana Sanga in the war.

“Riot in Nuh was completely sponsored. Muslims of Mewat are not at all communal. Through this disturbance, the government tried to unsettle farmers specially Jats and mobilise them against Muslims. But the head of Khaps are aware of the history. I regret people have not been able to get the reality behind the Pulwama attack where our soldiers died in a bomb attack,” Malik said.

He said something similar could be planned in 2024. “They could kill a prominent BJP leader or throw a bomb at the Ram Mandir. Why is a National Security Advisor Ajit Doval frequenting the UAE now a days? He is mobilising support from these so that they can put pressure on the Pakistanis not to retaliate when our troops enter Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. They will stay there for a few days and come back and hope to win the election. People should know what they are up to,” he said.

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