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Gehlot aide Lokesh Sharma ’s revelation more explosive than Lal Diary, alleges CM of cheating high command

Ashok Gehlot's officer on special duty Lokesh Sharma perhaps was waiting for Gehlot to lose the . Hours after the results, he came down heavily on his ‘boss' and blamed him for the defeat through a tweet on X.

He went to the extent of saying that the incident of 25th September was completely sponsored and the debacle of party started from there.
On September 25, 2022, Gehlot's close ministers Mahesh Joshi and Shanti Dhariwal had convened a meeting of MLAs parallel to the scheduled congress legislative party meeting where leader of legislatures was to be elected after Gehlot, who was nominated for Congress national president, was to go to central high command.

The revelation from Gehlot's ‘inside person' has a great significance specially when Congress lost badly.

Sharma said that the defeat is not of Congress but is of Gehlot as he never wanted any change despite being given free hand by the high command

“The party fought the elections under Gehlot's leadership, giving him a free hand and as per him, he himself was contesting on every seat.
Neither his experience nor magic worked and like every time, Congress did not win on his schemes nor did the immense pink campaign worked,” Sharma stated.

Lokesh Sharma blamed Gehlot for marginalising party for the third time.

“Till date, he has only taken from the party but Gehlot was never able to bring the party back to power during his tenure,”

He even alleged Gehlot for cheating the high command and not allowing correct feedback to reach the top.

“He did not allow anyone to become an alternative, repeatedly took wrong decisions and decisions out of narcissism while being surrounded by immature and selfish people, ignored all feedback and surveys. He insisted on doing things on his own and insisted on getting tickets for his favourite candidates despite knowing about probable defeat,” he blamed.

Lokesh Sharma also shared his pain for not getting ticket despite requesting minsiter for one either from Bikaner or Bhilwara where party has not won for last 20 years.

“… I myself had expressed my desire to contest the elections, first from Bikaner and then on the request of the CM from Bhilwara, the seat where we were losing for 20 years, but he could not do a new experiment, and for BD Kalla ji, I had told 6 months ago that he would lose the election by more than 20 thousand votes and the same happened. Decisions were taken on Ashok Gehlot ji's part in such a way that alternatives could not be prepared…,” he cribbed.

Sharma is facing allegations of phone tapping

Sharma has been booked by Delhi on allegations of phone tapping. Union minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat has lodged FIR against Sharma when CDs and tapes of BJP leaders came out alleging horse trading of Congress for toppling the .

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