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Gehlot fires on all cylinders, throws up challenge to Modi and others over subsidy on gas cylinder

By B S Reporter

Ashok Gehlot is banking big on subsidies and freebies to repeat his government. So much so that he has announced to organise inflation relief camps across the to bring poor families under welfare scheme umbrella. As part of welfare scheme, he has announced to distribute gas cylinders to 76 lakh families at Rs 500 each. He said that his gas cylinder scheme has put the centre and all other state governments under immense pressure to follow suit.

“Our welfare schemes are being talked about across the country. I have asked Prime Minister Modi to distribute gas cylinder at Rs 500. This will bring a great relief to the poor,” he said.

Your money for your welfare

Gehlot said that the theme of the welfare scheme is “your money for your welfare”. He said that the government runs on the money raised through the taxes paid by public.

“It's your hard earned money. We are giving it back to you through welfare scheme – Your money for your welfare.

Pension pride for elderly

Gehlot said that his government will repeat on the back of welfare schemes. He has set aside ata 12000 crore for old age pension. It will help elderly people become self reliant.

“We have increased the annual of old age pension by Rs 300. We want money to go in hands of needy so that they don't have to look up to anyone for social do's.

English Schools

Gehlot said that fluency in English language has become the need of the hour. Every student should learn this language.

“Now people in villages have learnt the importance of English. During my childhood I was against English. But now I have realised its importance in global world. I have opened a large number of English medium schools during this tenure. Now children from rural background can easily speak fluent English.

Free coaching, free education in abroad

The government has a big focus on education. Gehlot said that the government committed to provide free coaching to 30,000 poor children.

“When students from affluent families go for coaching for competitive examinations why should poor children be deprived of this facility. Keeping that in mind, we are giving free coaching to provide them level playing field,” he said.

Gehlot said that the government is concerned about providing higher education of global standard to students in the state.

“We are committed to give quality education to 500 bright students who seek admission at global institutes. We reimburse for their studies, boarding and lodging and other relevant expenses to give them global exposure,” he said.

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