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If fancy budget can win votes, Gehlot to continue till 2028

By B S Reporter

As expected Gehlot's budget is more like an advance election manifesto designed to woo voters, especially from weaker section who line up to exercise their franchise. Cornered by challenges from his own MLAs and other party members, the old war horse attempted to charm the young voters, win the trust of elderly citizens and address the rising inflation through doling out free electricity and subsidised gas cylinders.

Gehlot has put his best foot forward as the three time chief septuagenarian leader knows that this is his last ditch effort for a possible forth term. He had also been three time union minister, three time AICC general secretary, three time PCC President.

Gehlot may have less than required time to fulfill his budget commitment but surely have thrown his hat in the ring. Former congress president has lauded Gehlot's action plan. This has put Gehlot's biggest detractor Sachin Pilot under pressure. Pilot has been eyeing the CM post for last 10 years and was very much in the striking range in 2018 when Congress ousted . But the political acumen of Gehlot and his interpersonal relationship with his MLA colleagues outsmarted Pilot's claim.

Now again if Congress repeats, Gehlot will be the automatic choice for CM, especially when he had announced that he will work for the till his last breath. And if Congress fails to seal the victory, Pilot's dream will anyways be shattered as there is meek chances of either Pilot joining BJP or making government by breaking away from Congress.

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