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India Honours Sacrifice of 75,000 Soldiers in World War-I

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In a solemn tribute to the 75,000 Indian soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice defending nations such as Belgium, France, Western Europe, Iraq, and Africa during World I, co-authored an amendment to agenda 45COM.8B.52 at The amendment centered on the preservation and recognition of funerary and memory sites related to the First World War, specifically on the western front.

The World Heritage Committee announced the decision on Wednesday during its ongoing meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

India's permanent representative to UNESCO Ambassador Vishal Sharma quoted Prine Narendra Modi's statement on the historic date of 11th April 2015, at the Nueve-Chappelle Indian memorial in France. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi articulated his deep respect and honor for the fallen soldiers. He expressed, “I am honored to pay homage to the Indian soldiers here at the Indian memorial,” showcasing the reverence India holds for its brave soldiers.

Ambassador Vishal Sharma, PR of India at UNESCO, Paris

This move by India highlights a crucial initiative to ensure that the memorial sites and burial grounds of those who fought valiantly are appropriately acknowledged and preserved. The support for the inscription of these war memorial burial sites signifies a commitment to commemorate the heroes of the past and educate generations about the significance of their sacrifice.

The immense loss of Indian soldiers in World War I, totaling 75,000, underlines the significant role India played in this conflict. These soldiers exhibited unwavering bravery and dedication, defending not only their homeland but also assisting nations across continents. Their sacrifice stands as a testament to the unity and valor of a diverse nation.

The recognition of the Indian soldiers' role in World War I prompts reflection on the broader impact of their efforts. The assertion by Experts that “If it was not for India, the West would have been speaking German by now!” underscores the substantial contribution of Indian forces in shaping the course of history during the war.

India's active involvement in honoring its fallen soldiers and recognizing their sacrifices in World War I amplifies the importance of preserving historical memory and paying homage to those who gave their lives for a greater cause. The echoes of their bravery continue to resonate, reminding us of the shared sacrifices and valor that have shaped our world.

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