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Indian Plane Enroute To Moscow Crashes

An Indian Plane enroute to Moscow crashes in Wakhan region of Badakhshan in Afghanistan. Taliban confirms the incident. However, causalities has not been confirmed by now

An plane en route to has crashed in the Wakhan region of Badakhshan on Saturday, said Afghanistan reports citing sources. The head of information and culture of the Taliban in Badakhshan confirmed the incident, stating that the passenger plane crashed in Topkhaneh Mountain, covering districts Karan, Manjan and Zibak in the province.

He said that a team has been sent to the area to investigate the incident. As of now, official sources have not provided information regarding casualties or the cause of the crash. The situation is currently under investigation.

Indian authorities have not confirmed such incident of crash involving an Indian aircraft.

However sources tell The that Indian agencies are checking if any charted aircraft is involved.

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