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Rise of Sanatan in Modi era

Modi has complete the Adhuri Kahani of RSS. His thoughts on Hindu Rashtra is a mix of RSS ideology and Mahatma Gandhi’s doctrine

It's the Modi era now. And election 2024 will be historic. The decades old dream of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) of making Hindu Rashtra Bharat is not too far from realising. Though Modi has added new dimension to the age old definition of Hindu Rashtra.

With implementation of the historic Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) Modi has made lot more relevant. Now Bharat is Rashtra for Hindus and non-Islamic minorities expanding the horizon beyond the Hindu Rashtra. It's a step closer to the ancient era when Indian empire has expanded beyond Central Asia.

For the first time in independent India, a leader has emerged not only as the protector of Sanatan Dharma but also propagation of age-old Hindu religion, setting up a temple in Arab country. 

Burial for Nehruvian thinking

The new theory of Rashtra for Hindus and non Islamic minorities is a beautiful fusion of two independent thinking – RSS' Hindu Rashtra and Mahatma Gandhi's Ram Rajya. Modi, who symbolically established Ram Rajya in Ayodhya after the Pran Pratishtha this year has just put the last nail in the coffin of dying theory of appeasing Muslim minority.  

This drift in ideology has take the entire nation together ahead of Lok Sabha elections. Modi has emerged a the saviour of Hindus and all non Islamic minorities who have migrated from Muslim countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. 

This move of Modi has established India not only as the  mother country for Hindus but also a home to non Muslim migrants, victim of atrocities by Muslim countries. 

For RSS, Modi completed Adhuri Kahani

For  the Sangh pariwar it's fundamental to their beliefs and since many decades, most-repeated argument of the Sangh pariwar has been, ‘ Hindus have only one country (India) to turn to.' 

‘Adhuri kahani puri karni hai,' that's how the RSS leaders explain while commenting on CAA. 

The promulgation of CAA is looked upon as a sequel of post-1947 division of India. Though the very thought of India being a Hindu Rashtra was defeated that time. 

Modi era: He promises, He delivers

Once again Narendra Modi proves that he doesn't believe in rolling over things. promised in 2019 manifesto to bring CAA and Modi delivered. Now it is certain that 2024 manifesto will have new promises to be delivered by 2019. Promised and delivered is the mantra in Modi era.

Modi had announced that his government will bring law to help migrant-minorities of neighbouring Muslim countries live a respectful life. 

“We are committed to enacting the Citizenship Amendment Bill for the protection of persecuted religious minorities from neighbouring countries,” he had said. 

Home minister Amit Shah echoed PM Modi's commitment a few days ago that CAA is a law of India and nobody can stop the government to implement it before the announcement of Lok Sabha election. And he did it. 

Far reaching political gain

Politically speaking, BJP may get huge gains in Bengal as it will dent a loyal support base of Mamta Banerjee – the Bangladeshi settled in Bengal illegally. 

This will pave way for the persecuted to find citizenship in India.

Politically this CAA  would establish total and complete identification of Narendra Modi as the protector of Hindus and BJP as the only guardian political outfit for Hindus.

are expectedly quick to attack Modi and Amit Shah  blaming them playing partisan politics. But fact remains intact that No other political leader would be able to deliver this politically bold commitment. In the coming days No one could come close to lay claim over this plank.

Tweet of Danish Kaneria, Pakistan's Hindu Cricketer says it all for the Hindus living in Pakistan.

Ramkumar Kaushik
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