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Jyoti Mirdha quits Congress to join BJP, likely to damage prospects of Congress in Jatland

, a clan of the famous Mirdhas of shocked by joining BJP. It was a shock for the party bigger than her two consecutive defeats in 2014 and 2019 Lok sabha elections from the Jat land of Nagaur – her ‘ancestral' seat, which has been represented by her grandfather Nathuram Mirdha and uncle Bhanu Prakash Mirdha – the only Mirdha elected as MP on BJP ticket.

There are other Mirdhas also – Richapal Mirdha, Harendra Mirdha and Vijay Pal Mirdha who have represented Congress in Rajasthan assembly also.

“No one would have imagined Jyoti Mirdha, grand-daughter of staunch Congress leader Nathuram and daughter of Ram Prakash Mirdha joining BJP. This will decimate Congress from entire Nagaur where the party is already on decline,” said Sanjeev Choudhary, an analyst of Jat politics.

Jyoti Mirdha, on the other hand accused the Congress of deviating from the path of nation-building and criticised the party for ignoring the leaders and party cadres.

She assured BJP that she will contribute towards the party's success in the upcoming assembly elections and parliamentary elections. She said that she would work to establish a strong government in the of Rajasthan and would work towards ensuring a third-term to the BJP at the centre. Mirdha underlined that India has significantly progressed under the decisive leadership of
Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Apart from Jyoti Mirdha, an IPS-turned-politician Sawai Singh Chaudhary also joined BJP in presence of Rajasthan BJP incharge Arun Singh. Choudhary too hails from the Nagur region and has been fielded by the Congress party from Khinvsar seat in the assembly elections.

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