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‘Dirty’ dance celebration for Gudha’s entry in Shiv Sena

The Lal Diary fame sacked minister of Gehlot Rajendra Gudha, who has recently joined Maharashtra minister Eknath Shinde led Shiv Sena, has again hit the controversy.

Gudha joined Shiv Sena on the occasion of his son's birthday. Maharshtra chief minister Eknatrh Shinde had flown down to Udaipurwati – to make Gudha join his party. For that a gala stage was prepared and hundreds of people were invited for the function. In the day time, Shinde welcomed him to Shiv Sena and on the same night, dancers were caught on camera doing obscene steps on the same stage.
As per the information, Rajendra Gudha was also present in that party and people were shouting slogans in favour of Gudha from that stage.

Dance performance held last year also

Last year also, on the occasion of his son's birthday, foreign dancers had performed obscene dances in night on the same stage where chief minister and his cabinet colleagues had given away prizes to winners of cricket championship in Gudha's .

“It's common phenomenon. Every year such programmes are being held where hundreds of people of all age groups come. There's nothing new about it,” said Bhisham Singh Gurjar, who lives in Gudha's constituency.

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