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Lal Diary and Red faces

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Rajendra Gudha, who was sacked from Gehlot cabinet, has released few more pages of Lal Diary which allegedly contain explosive inside information of bureaucrats and leaders. The doesn't claim to verify the facts of the diary.

The diary has evoked curiosity as well as well in the political and bureaucratic sphere. Some names are loosely mentioned in the diary.

In the ‘fresh' pages, there is mention of Sonia , Priyanka Gandhi and his personal assistant Sandeep Singh, former , OSDs of chief minister Ashok Gehlot, MLAs P R Meena and G R Khatana.

red diary

Excerpts of released pages of alleged Lal Diary

The pages also mention about a grand marriage ceremony of daughter if Mahendra Singh, owner of Shiv Vilas Palace.

Names of few bureaucrats (names withheld by The BuckStopper) and nine independent MLAs including Baljeet Yadav, Kushveer Singh Jojawar, Rajkumar and Ramila Devi Kharia among others are also there. Independents MLAs, as per the dairy, had authorised Dharmendra Rathore the alleged creator of this diary as their representative.

The pages of diary released so far have no mention of transaction of money. However, there is mention of mines of G R khatana and P R Meena who are to be regularised. The alleged diary has mention of incidents during 2020. It also talks about the ‘rebellion plan' of Sachin Pilot.

Gudha claims that the alleged Lal Diary has information which can put many politicians including chief minister Ashok Gehlot in trouble. He said that he will handover the diary to agency at right time.

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