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Lal Diary reveals IAS Kunji Lal Meena, Gaurav Goyal didn’t budge under political pressure to resume mines

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The new pages of Lal Diary, which claim to have dirty secrets of Congress government presents a good picture of Rajasthan's bureaucracy.

The Lal diary is said to be written by RTDC chairman Dharmendra Rathore as a daily account. The diary is claimed to be in possession of suspended minister Rajendra Gudha, who recovered it during an I-T raid at Rathore's residence.

As per the pages of Lal Diary released by Rajendra Gudha, IAS officers Kunji Lal Meena and Gaurav Goyal refused to budge under political pressure. They said ‘No' to resume the mines of P R Meena, Congress from Todabhim.

In the diary, Dharmendra Rathore has allegedly written that he (Rathore) had communicated to PR Meena that Kunji Lal Meena was negative about resuming his mines.

“Kunji Lal Meena is averse to resuming mines of PR Meena. I have communicated this to principal secretary to CM Kuldip Ranka and have sent SMS to CM sahab. Before that I had detailed discussion with IAS Kunji Lal Meena and principal chief conservator of forest Arindam Tomar on this issue. Tomar said that mines can be resumed if Kunji Lal Meena agrees. Otherwise, a proposal of extending the boundary of sanctuary has to be sent to Government of India for its approval. It can take some time but the solution is permanent and will benefit 40-50 mine owners,” Dharmendra Rathore allegedly wrote in the diary.

Rathore further wrote that PR Meena asked him (Rathore) to get IAS Kunji Lal Meena transferred by pursuing CM Sahab. “This will give a strong message to bureaucracy,” he wrote.

Rathore wrote that he had long discussion with principal secretary mines Kunji Lal Meena, director mines Gaurav Goyal, IFS Shailaja Deval and IFS Arindam Tomar to resume the operations of mines of PR Meena.

“But both Kunji Lal Meena and Gaurav Goyal seemed to be scared or their intentions were not right. To sum up, the matter doesn't look to be resolved without intervention of CM Sahab.

Kunji Lal Meena and Gaurav Goyal both got transferred

The issue of PR Meena prav my cropped up between February 2020 and July 2020 when Kunji Lal Meena was posted as principal secretary mines. Gaurav Goyal was then working as director mines since September 2019. However, as written in the Lal Diary, both the officers were transferred together from mines department in July 3, 2020 Gaurav Goyak was transferred as commissioner Authority while Kunji Lal Meena was sent to agriculture department as principal secretary.

“The Lal Diary reveals how MLAs used their influence in transfers and postings of senior officials as senior as IAS officers if their work was not done,” said a senior IAS officer.

The Lal Diary also has mention of mines of Bandikui MLA G R Khatana who wanted an order of forest diversion for his mines from chief minister.
“Against this order, G R Khatana has agreed to vote for Congress in the election,” Rathore wrote in the diary.

The Lal Diary also reveals that Meghraj Singh has taken mining lease at Neem Ka Thana from former MLA Prem Singh Bajore through forgery.

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