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Maha tale of Great Betrayal continues, only Congress left undivided so far in MVA, BJP splits through NCP after Shiv Sena to decimate opposition

By B S Reporter

In 2019, Uddhav Thackeray led Shiv Sena deserted its oldest ally for an unnatural political marriage with Congress and NCP to become the first minister from Shiv Sena. BJP, despite being the largest party in the had to occupy opposition bench. But not for long. The saffron party, in June 2002, struck back and effected a split first in Shiv Sena to topple MVA government under the leadership of Eknath Shinde who defected with Udhav Thackeray and replaced him. Now after one year, BJP again used its ‘political' knife to cut through NCP and sent a shocker to Sharad Pawar. The ‘Maratha strongman' was left behind as a mute spectator as three of his strong pillars – Ajit Pawar, Prafful Patel and Chhagan Bhujbal – joined hands to effect mutiny in the party. Pawar and Bhujbal have joined the state government while Patel is likely to be inducted in the union cabinet in the forthcoming reshuffle. In this Maha tale of betrayal, the grand old party Congress remained unaffected. The party has its numbers intact while other allies – NCP and Shiv Sena have suffered mutiny and reduced to less than one third of their original numbers in the assembly.

Maharashtra – a classic tale of betrayal

In 2019 elections, BJP had won 106 seats in alliance with Shiv Sena which had 56 seats. Congress had 44 and its ally NCP won 53. Post results, BJP-Shiv Sena alliance was the natural claimant for the government in 288-seat assembly.

However, the tale of betrayal started from there only. Uddhav Thackeray broke the pre poll alliance and refused to form the government with BJP demanding CM position. The tale continues with Ajit Pawar jumping the boundary wall of NCP to form government with BJP. Devendra Fadnavis took oath as CM and Ajit Pawar as his deputy. But not more than 80 hours, Pawar quit the post of deputy CM and went back to his party leaving Fadanavis and BJP sulking.

Now in continuity with the betrayal tale. Shiv Sena surprisingly joined hands with its arch rivals NCP and Congress to form MVA government in Maharashtra. That left everyone stunned, be it political experts or common man. The quest for becoming CM won over ideological differences and Uddhav finally became CM. But his government got toppled in June 2022 again with yet another act of betrayal. This time his close confidante Eknath Shinde betrayed and broke away with majority of Shiv Sena MLAs. Shinde returned to the pre poll alliance partner BJP and formed the government. The former chief minister Fadnavis, despite having more number, settled to play second fiddle with Shinde and became his (Shinde's) deputy in a surprising move which many political analysts term as another an act of deception by BJP against him.

The saga continues. Now the life completed full circle in three and a half year time. NCP's Ajit Pawar again crossed over to join the government. This time as the deputy of Eknath Shinde. Fadnavis, who was his CM at the start of this tale, is also a deputy like him. Pawar claims to have support of 40 out of 53 NCP MLAs. That means he can easily escape anti defection which states that for escaping disqualification in the assembly, the splinter group must have two-third of the total legislative members.

Tale of deception is likely to continue

This tale of betrayal has not ended here. It is likely to continue as the CM Eknath Shinde is batting on sticky wicket. With inclusion of Pawar's NCP, the largest party in the assembly BJP is no more dependent on Sena for running the government. Also, BJP has not gained much politically after alliance with Eknath Shinde. It has lost byelections in Andheri and Kasba peth where BJP stood good chances. The alliance also lost MLC elections in Nagpur and Amravati.

Political analysts believe that there is likely to be another act of deception where BJP will regain the CM post. It will not contest the next election with Shinde as the CM face. Now with majority in its side, the saffron party is likely to trigger the change button.

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