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Modi returns the bitter pills what Gehlot prescribed for BJP

Prime minister , on Thursday, continued with his rhetoric on Congress leader Sachin Pilot. He had blamed Congress for punishing Sachin Pilot for Rajesh Pilot's opposition against Gandhi family. Modi reiterated that Congress has been doing injustice to the son of , who struggled to create a place for himself in politics.

“And when the party comes into power, Congress throw him away like doodh se makkhi ki tarah (unwanted person),” Modi said.work

Modi picked up Sachin Pilot the way Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot targeted Vasundhara Raje. Gehlot has been showing sympathy towards Raje in his speeches and statements. He has been reiterating that BJP and prime minister Modi has been neglecting Raje and she has not been given her due in the party. While Gehlot has been trying to create a rift between Raje and central with his statements, Modi fanned resentment against Congress in Gurjar community, which feels that Sachin Pilot was denied from being chief minister despite all the hard work.

Reacting to statements of Narendra Modi, Sachin Pilot said that the statements of Modi are beyond the facts.

“No one should be concerned about my future. My party and public will take care of me. As far as Sonia Gandhi, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi are concerned, we have relationship for decades. This relationship close to the heart. I don't' think anyone needs to give statement on this,” Pilot said.

However, observers believe that damage has been done. Modi has been able to shake up the emotions of Gurjar community.

“Gurjars have two national level leaders so far – Rajesh Pilot and Sachin Pilot. Modi covered both and tried to push the point that Congress did injustice to both son and father. And as father has passed away, the party is punishing son for father's challenge to Gandhi family. Gurjars will definitely get inclined to BJP due to this,” said Rakesh Bidhuri,” a political observer.

On the other hand, Gehlot's sympathy for Raje's neglect failed to stir emotions for Raje, who was seen surrendering before Modi in the Anta rally.

“Gehlot's trick didn't work but Modi returned him the favour. He hit the Congress where it would pain the most,” said Rajendra Singh Khangarot, another political observer.

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