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PM Modi asserts supreme power of organisation before BJP MLAs

Prime Minister Modi told MLAs to work together and speak less on the way to fulfill Modi Ki Guarantee in Rajasthan

By Ram Kumar Kaushik

Prime Minister Narendra had a one point agenda when he met BJP MLAs at state party headquarters. His presence at the state office for three hours was a strong indicator of his seriousness towards fulfilling Modi Ki Guarantee in Rajasthan through Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma.

Modi's visit marks a significant milestone in Rajasthan's political history, as he becomes the first prime minister to grace the BJP state unit's office, reinforcing the organisation's supremacy.

Modi's visit will not only transform the governance in Rajasthan but also impart Modi's ‘Sushashan Mantra' to the council of ministers led by Chief Minister Sharma.

His direct interaction with 114 BJP MLAs — Vasundhara Raje was not present — is set to empower Chief Minister Sharma with tactical authority. To those who considered Sharma a rookie, Modi gave a strong message that the party was bonded with discipline and those who tried to manipulate would be shown the door.

The absence of Raje was not talked about much in the . There may be some political significance of her absence,- but in the current scenario she was surely not missed by anyone.

The strategic move of allocating portfolios to ministers just half an hour before Modi's arrival in Jaipur further underscores the calculated approach being employed. Allen BJp leaders were conveyed that the portfolio distribution has the endorsement of central leadership. Ministers dissatisfied by the portfolios had no other option but to toe the line.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserts the supreme power organisation upon BJP MLAs

Modi's presence at the Jaipur office conveys a clear message to everyone in the party: there is one central , and that is the BJP party organisation.

According to sources, multiple reports reached the prime minister Narendra Modi regarding some MLAs still aligned with old figures like former CM Vasundhara Raje. Modi has dismantled these alignments, firmly asserting his support for the leadership in the state chosen by him and the party after winning elections in Rajasthan.

MLAs told to behave with humility

The prime minster told MLAs to restrain themselves from rough behaviour in public specifically verbal attacks on officials. It is said that recent incidents of inappropriate behaviour of MLAs towards officials have not gone well with the PM, who advised them to behave with humility in public.

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