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No clear way for Sachin in Congress’ takeaway, meet ended with same old resolution to fight elections unitedly, party to board poll flight with ‘faceless’ Pilot

By B S Reporter

The much hyped meeting, which was touted to bring clarity on the role of ‘Gehlot-rebel' , came a cropper. All leaders including former Congress president ranted the same old script of fighting the unitedly for a repeat of government. Once again, the high command reprimanded Congress leaders to observe discipline and refrain from statements which can damage party and the state government.

“No word on Sachin Pilot came out of today's (Thursday's) brainstorming. Both the camps (Sachin as well as Gehlot) were waiting for this day to have some clarity. But again everything has been left to high command, which preferred to remain indecisive once again,” said a senior Congress leader, who was among 30 who attended this meeting.

The constant uncertainty in the party is likely to damage the prospects of Sachin Pilot more than Gehlot, who would be happy to keep him on the sidelines. The party high command is perhaps buying time before it takes any decision on the role of Sachin Pilot in . It is learnt that Gehlot doesn't want any active participation of Pilot in the elections. That is the reason Gehlot had already got into the poll mode and have launched extensive tours across the state.

“At the age of 72, scaling the length and breadth of the largest state of the country is something incredible. This time Gehlot is working on a mission mode to repeat the government. He is tossing up everything he could to win votes from people, who are known to replace government every five year,” said a Gehlot confidante.

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge, who has been playing waiting game for long in deciding Sachin-Gehlot power sharing model, sermoned Gehlot to take quick actions. He took refuge to famous couplet of Kabir Das – Kaal Kare to Aaj Kar, Aaj kare so Ab….

Political analysts believe that delay in decision making at high command will further deplete the strength of Pilot. Eight months back when Gehlot was offered the Congress president post, Pilot had support of close to 32 MLAs. But with Gehlot deciding to stay put as the minister defying the high command wishes, the legislative support to Pilot started waning. Gehlot, in the entire episode, emerged as the undisputed leader of Rajasthan. He proved that the high command has no control over the politics he (Gehlot) plays in his state.

“Sachin Pilot thought that the high command will react strongly against the Gehlot's play up. But when he saw the helplessness of senior Congress leadership, he went on to go up in arms against his own state government to prove his political existence. But his uproar had no impact on high command, who kept on praising governance of Gehlot and at the same time placating Pilot,” said Samar Singh Shekhawat, a political analyst.

The waiting game will increase only frustrations for Pilot. The Gehlot camp wants to get rid of Pilot and it can happen if patience loses out for this young Territorial Army Captain, who has taken up a fight against old war horse, who refuses to retire.

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