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No Raje Raj this time? Party ignores her presence at Modi’s rally, remained seated as mute spectator

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Narendra Modi galvanised BJP ahead of assembly polls. Every party member extracted inspiration and confidence from Modi. But Raje supporters could drew only disappointment.

They were said to be waiting for prime Modi and define role of former chief minister in the forthcoming elections. Especially after the passage of 's Reservation Bill.

But Modi saluted the spirit of womanhood at the rally, which was completely organised and managed by women only. But he didn't spare a word for Raje and her future role in the party.

The suspense then is likely to continue for sometime now till Raje comes up for her future plan if any.

“The party has given her strong signal that the election would be contests on the face of Modi. There will be no CM face. If she bargains hard, party looks prepared to act harder,” said a senior party leader.

A couple of days back Raje has announced that she was not going to leave Rajasthan and she will continue to serve the people of the state.

“The party might have taken her statement otherwise. The role in party is decided by high command only. Her desire to be staying in Rajasthan might have been taken as her decision. Modiji ignored Raje completely in the meeting,” said Raghav Acharya, a commentator.

Meanwhile, at the ceremony which was conducted by Rajsamand member of parliament and member of erstwhile Jaipur royal family Diya Kumari, Vasundhara Raje, also from erstwhile royal family of Gwalior and Dholpur, remain seated next to Prime Minister Modi as a mute spectator.

“Few years ago, no one could have imagined Raje not speaking at such rallies specially in Rajasthan. But for last few rallies, she doesn't get chance to speak. This shows that the high command is fathoming future of party without Raje. She has been given charge of Jharkhand, which itself is a message that party wants her services outside the state,” said Ranveer Singh Rajawat, who has been observing Rajasthan politics for five decades.

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